Who is Wynford Dore? He is a successful British entrepreneur who started, developed, and sold multiple successful companies. Dore has been associated with various industries. He is known for using his radical and innovative ways of solving difficult problems.

Wynford Dore’s Family, Education, and Business Background

Wynford Dore belongs to the working class family when he was born in South Wynford Dore photoWales in 1949. Ten years after, his family moved to Coventry. He attended school at King Henry VIII grammar school. While he was still a student, he began his very first photography business. His business has helped him a lot for it gave him the financial ability to satisfy his passion for driving cars. He left school and worked at system analyst at Jaguar Cars. Working at Jaguar Cars has helped him develop innovative solutions for huge scale production problems.

In 1974, he formed Nullifire Ltd, a company that offers novel solutions to structural fire protection for steelwork. During such time, the industry has faced a lot of challenges particularly on the health issues around the materials commonly used. What he did was he came up with a solution that addressed those issues. He even added certain features leading to the extensive use of exposed steelwork in various industries including public, commercial, and industrial buildings. Dore built research centers in Paris and Coventry. The products he created were leaders in fire-resistant paint technology. In 1998, he came up with a decision to finally sell Nullifire to RPM Inc.

Wynford Dores Interest in the Education System

Wynford’s eldest daughter suffered from depression. She struggled in her school life and was unable to learn and retain skills. She was in her late teens when she attempted suicide. Luckily, she was saved. This experience has caught his interest in the education system. He focused on what needs to be done to change the education system so that the experience of his daughter will not happen to other children. He began researching on how the brain learns and the factors that determine the skills a person will be good at.

In 1999, he collaborated with neuroscientist and cognitive psychologists from the top universities in the world such as Harvard and Sheffield. He opened a clinic in Leamington Spa. As time passed by, more clinics were opened and some of them were franchised in other countries. His clinic specialized in the treatment of learning difficulties. It has caught the interest of the media including BBC, The Daily Mail, and the Sunday Times, to name a few. As his approach to learning difficulties reached the general public, various profile documentary makers have conducted their own studies with regard to the effectiveness of the clinics. Some of the high profile documentary makers are Trevor McDonald in the UK and 60 Minutes in the US. The studies showed the life-changing result of the clinics. In fact, Trevor McDonald documentary has the highest public response at that time.

Struggles and criticisms of Dore

A lot of organizations have conducted independent research in schools into the effectiveness of the treatment methods introduced by Dore. The research measured the impact on reading, writing, and other relevant fields. The research showed positive results. In fact, the results were published in a scientific journal. However, not everyone is convinced with Dore’s method, especially those wedded to the previous theories. Despite the struggles and criticisms, Wynford remained unfazed. He focused all his efforts on finding solutions to the learning problems faced by many children. He wanted as many children possible to benefit from his theory. So, what he did was he subsidize the cost of the treatment for over 45,000 clients. Despite all his efforts, he felt like his efforts were not enough. He wanted to reach millions of people who need his treatment. In 2009, he finally decided to sell the clinics to an organization. This organization focused on reaching children within the school system.

Other Notable Achievements of Wynford Dore

  • He had his first book published in 2006 by John Blake Publishers. The title of his book was “Dyslexia the Miracle Cure. “
  • He was a board member of The Reach Institute in 2013. It is a charity based in New York, which is committed to helping children with mental health challenges. He worked with some of the best psychiatrists and pediatricians in the United States.
  • Wynford has led a research and development team that works on web-based software programs specially created to enhance the development of skills. He strongly believes that even those children struggling with their education do have hidden genius. It’s just that the school system does not have the tool to deal with it.
  • He continues to create a world-class school system. He and his cousin, who was a former headmaster and government advisor on educational reform bought a private school in Warwickshire, the Arnold Lodge School. Together, they implemented novel educational and motivational strategies, which aims to further enhance the learning ability of the students.
  • The learning system he created has led to the creation of Educational Development International PLC, an innovative software program for educational assessment. It became the fourth largest examination board in the United Kingdom. The company was eventually sold to Pearson PLC and became the largest educational materials and testing company in the world in 2011.
  • He worked with Ninka Mauritson, a Danish bestselling author, whose expertise is in Autistic symptoms and how they can be alleviated.

Wynford Dore continues his education-related research and development web-based programs. His ultimate goal is to make a huge difference in the lives of others. He wants to help the children in developing and strengthening their brain-based skills, specifically working memory, the ability to concentrate, coordination, motivation, visual-motor integration, and processing speed. He wants everyone to realize that education can and should be improved and make it accessible to all.

Wynford Dore is a father of four and a grandfather. He and his family are living in Warwickshire, England. He is currently working on his next book which will be published by the end of 2017.

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